Thailand and Laos Textiles & Handcrafts: 28 Nov – 10 Dec 2023 TBC

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Hmong embroidery, Karen and Dara Ang back-strap loom weaving, Lisu patchwork and applique, kheuapiad (jungle vine) fibre, indigo and natural dyeing, Tai Lue silk weaving, Lisu and Kmhmu basketry, traditional ethnic costumes, a private textile collection, textile galleries, fabulous textile markets, artisan studios, textile villages, temples, spectacular scenery, a Mekong River cruise, delicious local cuisine and much, much more!

retreat|recreate is delighted to offer this 13 day/12 night women’s tour exploring northern Thailand and Laos through the lens of their superb traditional textiles and handcrafts.

Our journey begins in Chiang Mai, the buzzing capital and “rose” of Northern Thailand and takes us to several tiny less-known handcraft villages off the tourist trail, past riverside towns as we take a slow-boat along the Mekong, through landscapes featuring soaring mountains and craggy karsts, to beautiful, UNESCO World Heritage listed Luang Prabang, the centre of Buddhism in Laos.

We are privileged to participate in SEVEN!! hands-on handcraft activities: we’ll stitch traditional motifs with Hmong embroiderersweave with the Dara-Ang on a back-strap loom, stitch Lisu-style patchwork, applique and embroidery with the Lisu village women, take an eco-printing class with a social enterprise that offers handcraft training to women and young people, explore natural dyeing with the Tai Lue, weace a silk placemat using traditional supplementary weft techniques and work with bamboo to create a Kmhmu-style basket.

Visit the handcraft villages of several culturally diverse ethnic minority groups, engage directly with local artisans and craftspeople in their homes and workshops, observe artisans as they demonstrate their skills and expertise, be inspired by traditional designs and motifs, marvel at the range of superb handcrafts and textiles, deepen our knowledge at textile galleries and cultural museums, shop at fabulous, colourful textile markets, explore serene temples and fascinating cultural sites along the way, be in awe of breath-taking landscapes, experience wonderful local culture, savour delicious cuisine and be humbled by the gentle and generous hospitality for which Thailand and Laos are known.

This immersive foray into the stunning textiles and handcrafts of northern Thailand and Laos is not to be missed! We do hope you’ll join us!

To register your Expression of Interest (EOI) for our Thailand and Laos tours click here.

Here’s what our Thailand and Laos travellers had to say about this trip:

I joined the Thailand & Laos textile tour on the recommendation of a friend. We have travelled often together and I value her advice. It was not misplaced! This was a fabulous tour travelling to places that tourists do not usually go, experiencing grassroots life, craft and watching skilled women create beautiful weaving. We stayed in places where we could gather and chat or head off to explore. All the participants were engaged in learning and exploring. Our guides were top notch and brought laughter and learning to us all. Can’t recommend this tour highly enough. Robin – Thailand and Laos 2023

This was a WONDERFUL, well planned tour. It was very educational, fun and interesting. The tour guide was amazing. Highlights included a day on a slow-boat on the Mekong River, the workshops, meeting the other women on the tour and of course seeing the incredible textiles and watching them be made. We saw and did so much it will take me a while to process it all. Deborah – Thailand and Laos 2023