Frequently asked questions

Why are retreat|recreate’s tours for women only?

Most of our guests are women who have chosen to travel with us because their families, partners and husbands don’t share the same level of interest or enthusiasm for textiles and handcrafts.

We’ve found that as our guests share the same passion, the group is much more cohesive. The group dynamics and the friendships formed both within the group and with the women we meet during our travels are part of what makes our trips so special.

Many of our guests are solo travellers. There’s a sense of assurance that comes from being with a women-only group that can enable our guests to take that leap, travel to a foreign country and join a group of strangers. Everybody leaves our tours with at least a dozen new friends!

Also, authenticity is a word that’s thrown around a lot these days, but it’s important to us to delve deep into local culture and deliver rich, meaningful experiences for our travellers as much as possible. Our itineraries include sites and events which are culturally significant to women and some that are appropriate only for women.  Similarly, many traditional crafts are practised in women-only spaces — sharing an embroidery session with, say, hill-tribe women in the remote mountains of Vietnam or a weaving workshop with Berber women in the Sahara can lead to the sharing of deeper interactions, conversations and laughter through the common language of needle and thread, in ways that might not be possible with a mixed group.

You may wish to have your husband/partner join you at the conclusion of our tour to share your own holiday together.

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How many people are there in each tour group?

Our group size is approximately 12 women – small enough so that each person gets to know everyone else pretty quickly and large enough to allow for a comfortable group dynamic.

Will you tailor an itinerary for a private group?

Yes!   Whether it’s for a group of fellow-crafters, friends, family, a school trip or university study tour, we’d be happy to customise one of our itineraries to suit the dates, budget and needs of your group.

If I’m not particularly ‘crafty’ will I still enjoy retreat|recreate’s tours?

Our itineraries  are not only a vehicle for handcraft and textile experiences, but also offer plenty of opportunities for exploring the local culture,  travelling through spectacular scenery, sampling the local cuisine and meeting the people who live in the regions we visit.  Providing you are curious about the world, you will most certainly find plenty to interest you.  All the research, planning and logistics have been taken care of, so you’re free to come along and enjoy the journey without having to do all the hard work.

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Why do tour prices vary?

We do our best to provide a value-for-money product so that our tours include a rich and diverse range of textiles, handcraft and cultural experiences in our well researched itineraries, along with all of the necessary planning and logistics.  We try to keep tour costs down, however prices may vary for a number of reasons:

  • Some destinations are inherently more expensive than others.
  • Tours vary in length. Some are 7 days, others are closer to two weeks.
  • Many of our tours are based on single accommodation. Be careful not to compare this with a tour advertising a twin share price.
  • Inclusions and the cost of the particular inclusions affect the tour price. Consider the standard of accommodation, number of meals, transport (flights/trains/private vehicle etc), activities, entry fees and workshops included in the tour price.

Can I bring my child/children on a retreat|recreate tour?

Our itineraries are not planned or structured with children in mind.  In the future, we may consider designing a program for mothers & daughters.  If this is of interest to you, please email us to register your interest, the age of your child and your preferred destination.