Another great trip with retreat|recreate – to Morocco this time. I love these tours because you know every day will bring new experiences. We saw the famous tourist sights as well as museums, markets and medinas and rode camels into the desert, but we also experienced another layer of Morocco through meeting artisans in their homes and studios which gave us a flavour of the country and its craft heritage. Travelling with knowledgeable guides in a small group, with other women interested in textiles, ensured a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and allowed us to visit women in their homes and textile cooperatives and get some insight into their lives. The tour was extremely well organised, the accommodation and food were excellent, my fellow travellers were great fun and I’m looking forward to travelling with retreat|recreate again in 2023. Carol – Morocco 2022 (and India 2020)

The tour in November 2022 was my second trip to Morocco with retreat|recreate. I enjoyed it so much the first time that I wanted to travel with them again! And once again the tour was an incredible experience. Sue – Morocco 2022 and 2019

Morocco was my second retreat|recreate international handcraft tour. It says a lot about a company when many participants are repeat customers. It was everything you would want in a tour – a well organized amazing itinerary that covered a lot of Morocco, a wide variety of experiences, excellent leadership and guides. Traveling in a small group, you get access to places that you might never find on your own or get to see when traveling with a large group. Curated activities allowed us to interact with local artisans- even in their homes and studios. Workshops like making handmade leather slippers or zellige mosaic tiles allowed us to bring memorable projects home. Traveling with other women who have similar interests made for new friendships and fun. I look forward to new adventures with retreat|recreate in the future.  Cathy – Morocco 2022 (and India 2019)

My experience in Morocco with retreat|recreate was exceptional and exceeded all of my expectations. This was my first experience with group tour travel. I enjoyed being in a small group of women. The size of the group allowed us to experience museums, markets and cultural visits easily and without delays. Having a local guide and driver was invaluable. Susan, our tour leader, was gracious, knowledgeable and provided just the right structure for the group. I am planning on traveling with retreat|recreate in 2023. Jayme – Morocco 2022

The trip was meticulously researched, well organised and run smoothly by our retreat|recreate host Susan and our Moroccan guide Khaled. My fellow travellers were a fun and flexible group and a delight to travel with. It was an incredible and varied itinerary taking in many major cultural sites but with a primary focus on interacting with, and supporting, local crafts people. We visited many places and people that an independent traveller would simply not find. The tour took us to museums, palaces, local markets and most importantly people’s workplaces and homes. Visiting weaving, embroidery, carpet making and leather workshops and co-operatives were craft highlights. Impromptu stops included basket workshops, olive processing co-operatives and camel milk tasting, as well as collecting fresh cactus-silk fibres. The hands-on workshops were informative and fun. Everywhere we went we were genuinely welcomed with warm smiles and, of course, glasses of mint tea. A truly memorable trip – highly recommended for anyone interested in the crafts and cultures of Morocco. Gail – Morocco 2022 (and India 2020)

As a repeat customer with retreat|recreate I was excited to travel once again in the company of women with varied textile backgrounds and interests. There is a balance of history, modern culture and traditional arts and craft practices to learn about and observe on this itinerary as well as some surprises (always good ones) along the way. If you have hesitated over whether small group travel may work for you, be assured that within a retreat|recreate tour there will be space made for you and friendship to be found. Kim – Morocco 2022 (and India 2019)

I did not know what to expect but with an excellent leader and a small group of women, every day was full of beauty, passion and fun. Prepare to be in wonder and leave room in your bag for your work and other inspiring objects that you might want to bring home. I did not know what to expect having not been on a group tour before, but I now would not hesitate to go on another in the future as so much care and genuine love of craft has gone into the planning for this trip. Inspirational! Dale – Tasmania Handcrafts, October 2022

I experienced the tour in Tasmania which was as delightful as I could have imagined. A beautiful place with more than its share of creative, talented and interesting artists and craftspeople. The ladies on the tour were also very talented and it was so lovely to sit and share skills and create together. I loved being away from daily life, sleeping in lovely places, watching the scenery from the bus without having to navigate or drive and eating gorgeous food, prepared by someone else – no washing up – and chatting to really lovely people. In hindsight, I would take the single room next time, for more relaxation. Susan Keeble was an indefatigable host, always on hand to help, keeping an eye on everyone and quietly making sure everything was just right. I am so keen to do this again. I came home far more aware of fabrics in my wardrobe, designs and the beauty of everyday objects and choices. Saving for retreat|recreate’s India trip with great delight! Sandra – Tasmania Handcrafts, October 2022

I have experienced Tasmania for the first time and travel that includes craft experiences is my ideal holiday. I highly recommend this tour and its organisers. Susan K was an ideal host who went above and beyond her host duties. She is so organised, patient and tolerant. On this tour, you will meet some outstanding tutors; women who are inspirational and unafraid to be trail blazers. This is an extremely well organised tour with great attention to detail in all aspects. The food and accommodation was outstanding. Chris – Tasmania Handcrafts, October 2022

The Tasmanian Handcrafts tour was great fun! We met some wonderful women doing amazing things such as challenging the way to best farm sheep, caring for alpacas up close and personal, seaweed paper-making, and visits to some really lovely handcrafts shops. We travelled up from Hobart through the Midlands to the north coast, staying at some fabulous places serving delicious food. It was great to travel with a bunch of creative women from around Australia, and our leader, Susan Keeble, was fantastic! Liz – Tasmania Handcrafts, October 2022

WOW! What an amazing tour! I was fortunate enough to participate in the retreat|recreate Japan Handcrafts Tour that took us on an amazing journey of fun, education and learning, fellowship and inspiring activities. Our tour organiser Susan and tour guide Akiko were professional, courteous, and approachable in all aspects of the tour. We experienced so many exciting times including participating in sashimi, kintsugi, dyeing,whisk making, pottery and maki-e workshops hosted by artisans having been handed down the craft from family members up to 20 generations ago! We were truly privileged to have been invited into their homes and company. The tour also included visits to museums, markets, gardens and temples. The food was incredible and the accommodation clean and comfortable. I absolutely would recommend this tour, no hesitation. Diane – Japan Handcrafts, October 2022

I have long wanted to visit Japan and when I read retreat|recreate’s ‘Handcrafts of Japan’ itinerary with its wonderful blend of unique arts and crafts experiences and carefully chosen, famous Japanese highlights, I knew this was the trip for me. Travelling alone for the first time, I was delighted to meet the small group of fellow women travellers from Australia and beyond, and we all loved getting to know Japan and each other as we experienced antique markets, hands-on art workshops, a ryokan, beautiful gardens and so much more! I have come home with a heart full of fabulous memories such as strolling along cobbled streets at twilight in the old Geisha areas of Kanazawa and Kyoto, visiting a mossy mountain village with old thatched houses and an Indigo dyer’s studio with its inky vats, and holding my breath as I carefully painted Japanese maple leaves in gold and red on a shiny black lacquered tray ~ happily with the guidance of a highly skilled artist beside me. Pre trip planning and day to day travel adventures were made easy with the careful advice and the thoughtful company of our experienced tour leader Susan, and all our forays on trains, local buses, the bullet train, many beautiful meals and even a bonus onsen experience were orchestrated brilliantly by retreat|recreate’s wonderfully helpful guide Akiko. Yes, a trip of a lifetime! Ann – Japan Handcrafts, October 2022

The handcraft and textile tour to Japan consisted of exquisitely curated days, each with a variety of activities that were carefully planned and executed by Susan and our Japanese guide, Akiko. Susan’s cultivated connections enabled us to access small private studios and meet artists who shared their work and their homes. Our group included interesting women who easily bonded through our common interest in textiles. The itinerary was flexible and adjusted to accommodate weather and specials interests of the group. It was a spectacular trip and won’t be my last with retreat | recreate. Kathy – Japan Handcrafts, October 2022

Our October 2022 Retreat Recreate trip to Japan was the first after its international Corona travel restrictions were eased. The benefits were many: few tourists; uncrowded cultural sites, markets and shops; artisans eager to interact again with (very) enthusiastic guests and some damned fine workshops which tickled both creative and cultural fancies. All this was finely managed by our two intrepid leaders – Akiko (our guide and cultural interpreter) and Susan R-O (our tour orchestrator and creative director). Between them, they created a fun-filled fortnight of immersiveness which was shared with a great bunch of co-creatives. It is an understatement to say that we all had immense fun and would do it again in a heartbeat. It was also a great introduction to the country, easing the transition to post tour solo travel. Alison – Japan Handcrafts Tour 2022 (and Tasmania Handcrafts March 2021)

If Japan, its culture, crafts and history have ever interested you, then this is the tour for you. A small group of women, all with common interests in textiles and crafts travelling together and sharing the experiences. Travelling with retreat|recreate is the most relaxed way to travel; all the planning, the organisation, the worry and the headaches are taken care of for you. All you do is turn up and enjoy the experience. Wonderful value for money, the accommodation food and travel are all of a very high standard and each day is packed with new experiences and memories. Anita – Japan Handcrafts Tour 2022 (and India 2020)

I can’t recommend this tour more highly. The hands on workshops and studio visits with artists and masters of their crafts were an absolute highlight. The extensive research and planning meant we visited people and places I would never have found on my own. Accommodation was always well located and comfortable, transport worked well (including fast trains, local subways and buses), food was great and I really enjoyed travelling with like minded women. We managed to see some famous sights, on top of a deep dive into Japanese handcrafts, fabrics and traditions. Our tour leader and local guide were fabulous, flexible, very very knowledgeable and capable. It was so much fun and I would do it all again! Virginia – Japan Handcrafts Tour 2022 (and Tasmania Handcrafts May 2021)

I feel so lucky and privileged to be part of this special, well-defined and carefully planned women-only tour. Many many thanks to our fearless and tireless leader Susan for putting a lot of thought and expert planning into this well-defined tour with top artisan destination together. Two weeks flew by so fast!  A perfect 10+ score. I definitely and highly recommend this tour to everyone. Don’t be surprised to see me taking it again in a couple of years.  Thu – Japan Handcrafts Tour Oct 2022

The Top End Handcrafts tour was my first time travelling out of my State since the pandemic started. Our group of 10 women and leader Susan gathered at our Darwin hotel full of anticipation of the tour ahead. The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair provided an almost overwhelming feast for the senses with the quantity and diversity of art from many communities, and plenty of happy shopping resulted. The women artists who taught us their weaving and gathering techniques were very generous, and they shared their stories and knowledge of culture with us. We had many opportunities to experience the art of the Top End, and talk with the artists, and I feel enriched and inspired by it. Joy – Top End Handcrafts Tour 2022

I thought the Top End tour with retreat|recreate was sensational! Perfect timing for me with such fun activities and destinations. Travelling with like-minded people who enjoyed the same things made for wonderful company and a great time. Susan worked hard to accommodate our requests and needs as well as keep the schedule ticking along in a timely manner. We still had flexibility to fit in some extra things. Fee – Top End Handcrafts Tour 2022

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! The Tasmanian Textiles Tour was everything I hoped for and much, much more. I absolutely loved the workshops (especially slow stitching and eco-dyeing), the farm visits (who knew that sheep were such social creatures and alpacas so loving), and the introduction to the history and culture of the First Tasmanians. I am truly grateful for all your thoughtful work in organising the tour and for the opportunity to experience the tour with such a great group of fellow textile enthusiasts! Louise – Tasmania, February 2022 (and Japan Blue 2019)

I found my trip to Far North Queensland with retreat|recreate a very ethical, professional and well planned tour. A fabulous, creative trip with renowned tutors leading the workshops. Great food and accommodation. Amazing, educational, local tours gave us a great overview of the area. Definitely a very safe way for singles to travel, with a tour leader who made sure everything went smoothly. June – Far North Queensland Handcrafts, June 2022

On the retreat|recreate Far North Queensland tour I was completely immersed in culture, both indigenous and non-indigenous. The workshops were fun, informative and hands on. Everyone came away with a treasured piece of art work and new skills. We also have memories that will last a lifetime. The tour was well organised, great fun, informative and perfectly balanced in every aspect so that you truly relax and enjoy whilst being well cared for and stimulated creatively. Karen – Far North Queensland Handcrafts, June 2022

An awesome well organised tour thanks to the billion hours spent in research for us to have a relaxing and good time. Isabel – Far North Queensland Handcrafts, June 2022

This was my second trip with retreat|recreate and it was fantastic . Travelling with 12 adventurous textile lovers who were all inspiring and creators in their textile genre of choice was a strong foundation for a great 7 days. I loved that there was time for sharing of skills in both the structured class setting and around the breakfast table. Our leader Susan was calm and and her knowledge and organisational skills allowed me to relax, learn new skills and have time to reflect on my own practice. Thank you! SallyRose – Tasmania Handcrafts, February 2022 (and Bali 2016)

I would recommend this retreat|recreate tour because: it is well organised, I loved the small group – all women, it is well balanced with culture, history, art, creativity and scenery. It is real food for the human brain. I would do another tour any time, without looking at the program – I trust Susan’s talent. Brigitte – Far North Queensland Handcrafts , June 2022

Thanks so much for an awesome week in Tasmania with inspirational workshop teachers and visits to fascinating creative destinations with trail blazing women sharing their experiences with us. Your planning and organisation was exceptional and your caring gentle manner made it a very relaxing journey. Don’t change a thing on the next tour – this one was as close to perfect as you can get. I look forward to my next tour with retreat|recreate.  Anne – Tasmania Handcrafts, May 2021

This tour was a delight from start to finish. The organised but respectful tone was clear from the beginning, and I felt safe and relaxed. Susan was more than a tour leader; she was also a participant, but although she was doing the workshops with us, she also made sure that details were being taken care of without fuss or grandstanding. The itinerary was not too demanding – most stays were two nights and the morning starts were comfortably timed. The workshops were fun and stimulating, and the other visits interesting and often very educational. The food was excellent. All in all, I’d highly recommend retreat|recreate tours for women interested in fibre, textiles and handcrafts. Susan and Susan have a knack for finding interesting people and places, and they are organised, respectful, and kind. Mary-Helen – Tasmania Handcrafts, May 2021

The itinerary was well balanced with alternate days touring, shorter visits and doing a diverse range of workshops. All accommodation was excellent. I really enjoyed the lovely heritage hotels / houses included. This gave a nice historical perspective, colonial architecture, interesting quirky hosts and beautiful locations. The workshops were an absolute highlight! I loved spending all day with an artist, learning new skills, being able to use their materials and coming away with a momento to keep working on. Interesting how the workshops and visits all complemented one another. I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know likeminded women, and sharing new experiences together. And Susan, our most excellent guide! Your careful, thoughtful, respectful planning and delivery of a wonderful tour exceeded all my expectations. If you are thinking of joining this tour on your own, don’t hesitate. You will learn so much, come away with new passions, have a great time, travel with interesting likeminded women and visit some inspirational women doing amazing things. Go for it!  Virginia – Tasmania Handcrafts, May 2021 (and Japan 2022)

It’s hard to find the right words to describe how relaxing, entertaining, informative, engaging, interactive, enlightening and FUN the Tassie trip was. If you like sharing and building your art and craft skills with a small cohort of like minded people in a beautiful and luscious land then don’t hesitate to come on board.  Alison – Tasmania Handcrafts, March 2021 (and Japan 2022)

This is the trip to feed the creative soul in a stunning landscape full of history and close to home (for Australians). We learnt new skills from artisans who generously gave of themselves and their craft. But most of all we learnt from each other along the way. Such an interesting bunch of fellow travellers, each skilled in their craft and wiling to share. The memories will live on.   Jan – Tasmania Handcrafts, March 2021

I was very pleased to enjoy the delights of Tasmania with a wonderful group of like minded ladies. A fantastic itinerary – Susan K found some amazing places for us to visit.  I loved every day and didn’t want it to finish.  I’ll certainly return to enjoy more of Tasmania soon. Lynne Tasmania Handcrafts, March 2021

A fabulous tour! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend time in many lovely creative environments sharing it amongst fun and friendly people. Annie – Tasmania Handcrafts, March 2021

I have always wanted to travel to India and I couldn’t have gone with a better company or been in more capable hands. I met so many interesting people and saw so many amazing sights. The textiles and crafts were fabulous and meeting the people who made them was a highlight of the trip. I can’t wait to sign up for the next one. Carol – India Textiles 2020 (and Morocco 2022)

I’m not a “tour” person, but am so glad I made an exception for Japan in January 2020. The itinerary was so thoughtfully planned – a beautiful combination of experiences and sightseeing. I saw all of the “must see” sights, but still felt independent. retreat|recreate captured the essence of “my kind” of travel.  Tara – Japan 2020 

The trip to India was beyond all expectations. Truly amazing to see so many famous sights and incredible museums but it was meeting the craftspeople and visiting the villages that were the real highlights of the tour. Whether you’re a lone traveller or travelling with a friend you’ll soon have a group of new friends with common interests. Looking forward to becoming a repeat traveller with you. Gail – India Textiles 2020 (and Morocco 2022)

My trip to Japan with retreat|recreate was the fulfilment of a long time dream. From the first visit to a weaver’s studio, where I wept at the amazing art and the opportunity to view it, to the visits to so many beautiful cultural sites, I was enchanted and delighted with the experience. Looking back, I can’t believe how many things we saw and did, and all the special artists we met. Susan and Akiko, our Japanese guide, made sure every question was answered and every need was met. A once in a lifetime trip (but I’m already thinking of doing it again). Pam – Japan January 2020

I thought I knew quite a lot about India, having travelled for business in Rajasthan some years ago, but I was so wrong. This trip through Rajasthan and Gujurat was one of the most interesting, stimulating and fun things I have ever done. The planning and organisation was excellent, all the tour guides were extremely knowledgeable, very caring and great company too; they really added a great deal to the whole experience. We spent 18 days discovering the heart of two great states famous for their textile heritage and the amazingly talented craftsmen and women living there who are still creating beautiful pieces of art, preserving their traditions and their way of life. Embroidery, dyeing, printing, weaving, pottery, wood turning, metalwork. We saw it all. And it was a joy to be able to spend time learning about their skills and trying my hand at them, skillfully guided by such talented people. The tour took us to places most tourists don’t get to experience, and every day became a new adventure. The two Susans who are retreat|recreate have forged wonderful relationships with the people we visited and everywhere we went we were genuinely welcomed with smiles, great courtesy and of course cups of chai! So, if you want something more than a tour that just whisks you around the usual tourist spots and you enjoy travel that is ‘up close and personal’ then this is the tour for you. It delivers in the most unexpected and delightful ways.  Anita – India 2020 (and Japan 2022)

This was my second time as a solo traveller travelling with retreat|recreate. The tour organisers, tour guides, fellow travellers, accommodation, itinerary, food, workshops and experiences were even better than I could ever have hoped for. If you’re thinking about traveling through India you will not be disappointed with retreat|recreate. Looking forward to trip number 3!  Marianne – India 2020 (and Bali 2019, Tasmania 2022 and Thailand & Laos 2023)

I had a wonderful trip with more amazing experiences than I could have hoped for. Morocco has been a destination on my travel list and to be able to take a tour with a textile focus alongside women with similar interests made for a delightful holiday. Once again Susan and Susan, thank you for showing me Morocco. I would love to join retreat|recreate again on another trip somewhere if the planets align.  Wendy – Morocco 2019 

A wonderful trip: I just completed the India tour. The itinerary was a mix of must-see points of interest – like the Great Rann desert and the Rani ki Vav stepwell – and delights for textile artists including museums, demonstrations, and workshops.  My best memories though are the personal interactions within our group and with the people we met. The artist’s relationships with Susan and our local guides made us welcome guests, sometimes even in their homes. Thank you Susan, Susan, and Anant for keeping us organized, safe, and happy and for your warm caring nature. Susan – India 2020

India is a country with a rich and ancient textile tradition. It was wonderful to be able to experience many of these crafts first hand with local artisans in small villages. retreat|recreate leads an amazing tour which delves deep into textiles but also includes key cultural sites. As a designer I have admired and referenced the beautiful fabrics of India for decades but this trip has taught me the origins of these handcrafts. I look forward to exploring another part of the world with retreat|recreate. Katherine – India 2020

The carefully researched and curated inaugural Japan Blue tour was absolutely the experience of a lifetime! Thorough ground work plus the gracious leadership and  enthusiasm of the local guide enabled our small group of passionate textile and indigo enthusiasts to gain a deep understanding of aizome. From fields, through fermentation, to dyeing and buying, we were able to meet extraordinary artisans, dye cloth in centuries-old vats and workshops and gain a deep appreciation for Japan’s indigo culture. Each of our group returned home with gorgeous indigo textiles whether flea market finds, remnants or small bundles of deep blue heaven. Deepest thanks to retreat|recreate for making this first indigo tour a vibrant reality. Louise – Japan Blue 2019 (and Tasmania Feb 2022)

From the chaos of crowded cities to the quiet mudbrick villages dotted across desert plains, this trip surpassed all expectations.  Every day was filled to the brim with adventure and excitement. Two weeks of history-soaked palaces, medieval forts, eating delicious Indian food and immersing myself in the traditions of Indian textiles was an outstanding experience.  I’m already missing India with its colourful saris, masala chai, white marble temples, tuk-tuk rides, stunning embroideries and wood block textiles. retreat|recreate put together an incredible and varied itinerary that is not to be missed. Catherine – India 2019 (also Bali 2016 and Vietnam 2017)

retreat|recreate gets ticks all round for running interesting and well organised textile tours. They focus on supporting local crafts people. I took one of their tours to India which was extraordinary. I felt safe and cared for every step of the way. The other group members were great company. The local guides were well informed and helpful. The artisans were generous with their time. The workshops were all interesting. It was a great way to see a marvellous and challenging country. I recently completed a trip with retreat|recreate to Tasmania. They took the same care to provide the group with interesting workshops and to see a range of different textile artists. The accommodation and food was excellent. I strongly recommend retreat|recreate tours. Deb – India 2019 and Tasmania March 2021

Only when you return home do you realise the care and research that has gone into providing such a range of textile and cultural highlights that make up this tour. From moments of quiet contemplation during the tea ceremony and walking in temple gardens to the bustle of the flea market and Quilt Festival, everything was organised to provide the widest possible experience and enjoyment. Travelling in a small group of textile enthusiasts, we were able to learn from inspiring local artists and practitioners who guided us through the delights of dyeing, stitching and weaving. Completely unforgettable and I’d say one off the ‘bucket list’ if I wasn’t planning the next trip!  Bev – Japan 2020

What incredible, thoughtful, well-rounded adventures the two Susans lovingly offer time and time again! It’s a lovely way to travel – the perfect number of like-minded textile lovers and just the right mix of local delights, cultural immersion and discovery.  Thank you!   Roz – Japan Blue 2019 and Bali 2015

I really enjoyed the Vietnam trip.  I particularly loved the idea that it was about textiles, for women only and that all the hard work of planning was already done.  Susan was a wonderful tour leader with dignity and style.  Her rapport with the group and with the Vietnamese artisans was fantastic – gorgeous and gracious.  The homestay people and artisans were wonderful about allowing us to glimpse their world first hand.  Helen – Vietnam 2018

My time in Bali with retreat|recreate was wonderful. The tour was well-planned and had an ideal balance of visits, workshops and free time. I’ve had a long-held interest in Southeast Asian textiles and was delighted to see and feel examples of weaving techniques that were new to me, as well as a stunning wealth of textiles with which I was more familiar. The group was fun to travel with and I feel I’ve made new friends and deepened old friendships. If you’re considering a trip with recreate|recreate, just go! The Susans are organised, understanding and compassionate. Their love for textiles gives a focus to the tour that’s interesting even for those who are not textile practitioners. Thank you retreat|recreate.  Lyn S – Bali 2019 (and Japan 2017) 

You guys are awesome! I have only been on two other tours but this one was AB FAB! You have created something really special. I feel like I have made friends for life on this trip and that does not happen very often. Abi – Japan 2019

retreat|recreate tours takes the worry out of travelling, particularly as a solo traveller:  everything is covered from the moment you arrive at your destination. retreat|recreate will take you places a regular traveller would not see or experience.  Definitely high on the list of recommendations.  Marianne – Bali 2019

I had the most amazing time in Japan on retreat|recreate’s textile tour. What an extraordinary place full of contrasts. We enjoyed several workshops including saori weaving, indigo dyeing etc, visits to artists studios, museums, fabric and yarn shops, magical temples and shrines, and tasted the most delicious food. Our local guide was absolutely delightful, very organised, knowledgeable and fun! I now have 12 new friends in my fellow travellers and look forward to the next time I join retreat|recreate on tour.  Sue – Japan 2018 

I can’t speak highly enough of your company and everything about the tour.  Your detailed research and passion shines through.  For anyone with an interest in any textile art, this tour is an absolute joy.  Rosemary – Vietnam 2018

The retreat|recreate India trip was an amazing experience and each day was packed with activities and new adventures. We were able to have access to a wide variety of artisans who are masters of their craft. From urban areas to rural villages we were welcomed into studios of working artists who were generous and gracious. Local guides with expert knowledge of historical sites and textiles were used in each of the regions we visited, which enhanced our experience. The intense colors, the people, the sounds and sensory experience of India will stay with me for a long time. It was fun to share this experience with other women who have a shared passion for beautiful textiles and handcrafts. Cathy – India 2019

I had been researching textile trips to Japan for 4 years, keeping an eye on reviews and the tone and tenor of the organizers/leaders. I got the best feeling from retreat|recreate. Susan and Susan did not disappoint.   Rachel – Japan 2019

I’ve had the good fortune to travel overseas four times.  I’ve enjoyed travelling alone and with my eldest daughter, but my tour of Morocco with retreat|recreate has been the most wonderful travel experience of my life. The itinerary was excellent, the other women on the tour were great company and the accommodation was very comfortable and well appointed.  All ran smoothly with two Susans, our terrific guide Khaled and driver Anwar.  I cannot recommend this tour and retreat|recreate highly enough. Sue – Morocco 2019

I have been on two retreat|recreate tours now (Bali & Japan) and both have been totally memorable. Everything is so well organised, the tour group is small and attended by kindred spirits. Susan and Susan have thought of every detail and make every effort to create and execute a fabulous textile and cultural experience. Can’t wait to go on the next one.   Melinda – Japan 2018 and Bali 2016

This was my second textile tour with retreat|recreate and it lived up to my expectations.  As with my first tour (Northern Vietnam), the itinerary was well researched and all details coordinated with the organisers, tour leader and tour company.  The group is kept small which allowed for everyone to share time together and be part of the hands on experiences at each of the activities planned each day.  Sharing the experience with other women who have a common interest in textiles and cultural heritage makes these trips very special.  Chris – Laos 2018 (and Vietnam 2017)

The textile tour was fantastic and delivered so much rich exposure to Japanese culture, textile tradition and daily life.  There were so many highlights from this trip it’s hard to list them all – from shopping at a flea market and snapping up bargains, to visiting indigo dye and sashiko artists, visiting beautiful shrines and temples and gaining a better understanding of the role these play in the daily life of the Japanese people, eating fantastic food, getting hands on with weaving and indigo dyeing and seeing a traditional village.  A fantastic bunch of women with a common interest in textiles made it a lot of fun.  A well planned and well run tour from start to finish.   Linda – Japan 2017

What a wonderful, amazing experience! From the minute we arrived, Susan and Sue made sure we were at ease and everything ran smoothly from start to finish.  From trying our hands at batik and indigo dyeing, to learning about ikat weaving processes and other local traditional textiles, we really got the chance to see behind the scenes.   Daily yoga, delicious food, spa treatments and a tranquil sanctuary-like location were welcome bonuses.  Between them our hosts held a wealth of knowledge on textiles and local culture and their love of both was immediately obvious.  We could not have asked for better people to lead the retreat.  Kylie – Bali 2016

retreat|recreate took me on a fantastic tour to places I would otherwise not have visited with experiences I would not have otherwise have had.  It was a great way to experience Laos – its culture and its people – in both cities and the countryside through the shared medium of textiles.  The trip was meticulously researched and very organised, running smoothly despite a couple of last minute changes.  My fellow travelers were great company too!  Alison – Laos 2018

Thank you retreat|recreate for a thoroughly enjoyable textile tour of the ethnic minority villages across Northern Vietnam.  I enjoyed every minute. Beautifully organised and led by experienced local guides, I shall never forget the spectacular mountains, lush green fields, magnificent textiles and rich culture of Northern Vietnam. Thank you for creating quality women’s tours. I will continue to sing your praises and recommend retreat|recreate to everyone!   Catherine – Vietnam 2017 (also Bali 2016 and India 2019 )

The name says it all – Retreat: a chance to slow down and enjoy the beauty of Bali, especially the real Bali away from the tourist centres and into the villages and lovely accommodation that offers a chance to relax with yoga, massages, a swim, healthy meals and of course – great company!  Recreate – a focus on traditional textiles and crafts, offers an opportunity to learn more about textiles from local experts and try your hand at a few, as well as importantly an opportunity for low impact tourism that supports local, small traders continue traditional skills.  The group of women were amazing and we have all kept in contact, even catching up for a reunion in Melbourne.  Finally the best thing for me is all the research and work has been done for you, so if you’re time poor but want to go on a thoughtfully organised visit with all the work done and you just get to join in, relax and discover new places and people, this is for you!  Linda – Bali 2015

Being in the company of like-minded women and being able to experience parts of Vietnam that are little visited and still retain their traditional ways were both highlights.  I loved the workshops and loved targeting textiles shops!  I really treasure having met the women who made the items I bought.  Myfanwy – Vietnam 2016 (also Laos 2018 and India 2019)

What a trip!  I can only genuinely and highly recommend this retreat with Sue and Susan.  Two beautiful souls who will gently guide you into the world of batik, dyeing, ikats and weaving in an environment that lends itself to growth and exploration of textiles and self alike.  Go for it!  Dania – Bali 2016 (and Japan 2018)

What a wonderful way to travel: treading lightly on a precious land; travelling with people who appreciate textiles and the art of hand-made. If you’re thinking of joining a retreat|recreate tour, just go!  Even if you have no experience of textiles, you will see a lot, learn a lot, meet lovely people and have a link with everyone through the love of textiles.  Sue – Vietnam 2017

This was my second retreat|recreate trip and very different from the Bali retreat. There were so many highlights , so much wonderful interaction with the local women over a needle and thread (and some rice wine) and also a wonderful group of travelling companions.  Jill – Vietnam 2017 (and Bali 2016)

I truly loved the trip and admire your organisational skills and the care and thought you put into this retreat.  It was a great success and I have been avidly recommending your tours to everyone I meet. If you are looking for a value-for-money, fascinating foray into the textiles of Indonesia, this is the retreat for you.  Catherine – Bali 2016 (also Vietnam 2017 and India 2019)

If you’re in two minds about doing this trip, just book and do it.  It will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.  Kim – Vietnam 2016