Pre-departure checklist

 1.  Print your Booking Summary/Tour Voucher and keep a copy of the voucher with your passport and flight tickets. You will need to produce the Tour Voucher to access your arrival transfer and also when you check in at our starting point hotel . 

2. Please make a point of re-reading the Trip Notes. This document contains information on money, phones, meals, inclusions on the tour etc and reminders of what to expect. Please re-read it before we travel.

3. If you are going to purchase a TravelSIM or a portable wifi device do so soon. If you’re purchasing a global roaming package with your mobile phone provider, arrange this soon.  Please ensure your will have WiFi access throughout the tour, not just when we are at hotels.

4. Please arrive with the WhatsApp app downloaded to your smartphone as we will set up a group chat for ease of communication. The link to the WhatsApp group will be sent to you in the week prior to departure.

5. Email copies
of your passport, visa or eVisa, travel insurance policy, flight tickets and important documents to yourself and your next of kin.

6. Advise your bank of your travel dates so your ATM card/credit card isn’t cancelled the first time you use it overseas.

7. Check your flights for delays or schedule changes. If there are significant changes, email us immediately so we can arrange for your transfer time to be adjusted.

8. Consider offsetting the carbon emissions from your flights with organisations such as or if you haven’t already done so. Be responsible for your carbon emissions, provide jobs for local families, restore wildlife habitats and contribute to a sustainable future.

9. Pack! Do pack lightly. Please refer to the Suggested Packing List and the Weather and Climate section of the Trip Notes. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the daily temperatures for the week or two leading up to the tour, to assist you with packing requirements. A reminder to make sure you pack a personal first aid kit (bandaids, headache tablets, rehydration salts, throat lozenges, etc) and keep it with you at all times.

10. Ask any last minute questions! (Check the Trip Notes, Useful Info and Itinerary first in case your answer is in there). You can email us at any time.