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We offer women’s textile arts retreats and tours to Japan, India, Morocco, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos and Thailand, with Turkey, Iran, Iceland and the Silk Road being added in 2021.  We’re also expanding our offerings and planning a ballet focussed tour (London, Paris & Amsterdam) and a garden tour of Japan.  


Please click here to join our mailing list or register your ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) for one or several tour destinations. Those on the EOI list for each destination will receive an “early bird” invitation to sign up for newly released tours to that destination before they’re made available to the general mailing list and promoted on social media.  Many of our tours sell out to the EOI list alone before we have a chance to advertise them broadly.

2015 – current Textile Tours

Please review our Completed Tours for more details.

2020 Textile Tours

Japan Textiles (including Tokyo Quilt Show): 12-25 January. COMPLETED!

India Textiles Tour:  20 Feb – 8 March. COMPLETED!

Morocco Textiles Tour: 17 April – 1 May.  SOLD OUT! Postponed due to COVID-19

Morocco Textiles Tour: 4 – 18 May. SOLD OUT! Postponed due to COVID-19

Turkey Textiles and Handcrafts Tour: 1 – 16 September. SOLD OUT! Postponed due to COVID-19

Japan Handcrafts Tour: 3 – 16 October. SOLD OUT! Postponed due to COVID-19

Thailand & Laos:  30 Oct – 11 Nov. EOIs INVITED.  SOLD OUT! Postponed due to COVID-19

Morocco:  9 – 24 November.  EOIs INVITED. SOLD OUT! Postponed due to COVID-19

2021 Textile Tours 

EOIs are now INVITED for all 2021 tours unless marked as SOLD OUT – (Note: some 2021 tour dates and availability may change as Corona virus affected 2020 tours are rescheduled)

Japan (including Tokyo Quilt Show): January  – Rescheduled to Jan 2022  (2021 Tokyo Quilt show has been cancelled)

Thailand and Laos:  1 – 13 March (rescheduled from 2020) TBC

Morocco: 12 -27 March (private group) SOLD OUT

Morocco: 29 March – 13 April – SOLD OUT (rescheduled from 2020)

Turkey: 26 May – 10 June (rescheduled from 2020) TBC

Ballet and Beyond (London, Paris & Amsterdam) – June TBC

Iceland – July/August TBC

Turkey: 1 – 16 September TBC

Japan Blue (indigo dyeing) – September/October TBC

Japan Handcrafts: 2 – 15 October (rescheduled from 2020)

Gardens of Japan – October/November TBC

Silk Road (Uzbekistan) – October/November TBC

Thailand + Laos – 24 October – 5 November TBC

India – November TBC